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Handwriting Bristol is a specialist service for children and young people who experience handwriting difficulties. It’s a sensitive subject that can be a tad dry at times. With a knod to the pencils of yesteryear, plus some beautiful hand-drawn type and illustrations from good friend and life-long work associate David Abbott, a clean, bright and approachable identity was developed. Taking the vibrant colour palette, playful graphics and carefully chosen typefaces, the social icons and website rolled out intuitively – setting Handwriting Bristol above its competitors visually, and putting it in a good position to build new business.

“I cannot thank Blu Inc enough. They listened to my brief and translated all the ideas perfectly. The job I do is as much about me as a  therapist, as it is about developing handwriting skills. The brand and website really reflects this. The identity is warm, professional and easy to use – I feel really proud of it. Thanks a million.”

Caroline Currid, Director