Terms and conditions

In five seconds: we will solve your design problem for you and you will pay us (on time).

In two minutes: If you need to discuss any of these terms, please speak to your contact at blu inc before we start work. Otherwise we will assume you agree to the terms.

• Our payment terms are 30 days or as otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to add interest at 5% a calendar month (or part month) for money still owed after 90 days.

• We generally invoice monthly on projects which run over several months.

• Our estimate is based on our knowledge of the brief and source material at the time. If the brief remains the same, our price remains the same.

• Our estimate is for completing the work as briefed, and in most cases we arrive at this within one or two rounds of amendments.

• As we often work to very short timescales, your verbal or email instruction to start work constitutes a purchase order. If your accounting system requires a purchase order number, it is your responsibility to provide one. If our invoices are returned or left unpaid because we haven’t been provided with a purchase order number, we will charge an administration fee of £100 per invoice returned or delayed.

• Original work remains our property until we have been paid for it, though in the meantime you may use it, with our permission.

• We do not do work of a speculative nature (i.e. fee) unless we specifically agree to do so at the time.

• It is the client’s responsibility to check for accuracy before print or publication, unless we have been asked specifically to source external facts and figures.