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Gin 77

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Gin 77 is the flagship offering from Bristol Distilling Co. It forms the base for the suite of full-strength flavoured gins. We have been fully immersed in Bristol Distilling Co from the start, working on every aspect brand, tone of voice, social, web and print for the Gin 77 range. In 2021 we released the new bottle design and labels for the full-strength flavoured gins.

Why 77? Bristol Distilling was founded in early 2017 – but they were not the first Bristol Distilling Co. In 1863, Joseph C Board had incorporated the distilling operation on Cheese Lane in the centre of the city. That site was destroyed in the Blitz in 1940. So for 77 years Bristol was without a Bristol Distilling Company. Until now.

“Blu Inc have always our exceeded expectations with their designs and creative concepts. Their support and guidance has proved invaluable in the continuing growth and success of Bristol Distilling Co.”

Jake Black – Founder