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77 Gin Liqueurs

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Bristol Distilling Co, having had success with Gin 77, developed a range of flavoured, lower ABV, gin liqueurs. We art-directed and designed a set of bottle labels and associated graphics, merchandise, advertising, social and web site updates. Interest from the big five grocers followed, with one listing.

2020 saw a liqueur redux (see below). The tone was to be more playful and Pop Art inspired with the labels incorporating bright, sharp and graphic fruit illustrations. The illustrations were used as stand-alone pieces for merchandise and social teasers. We also had the chance to create the ultimate mailer of bottles and flight case!

77 Liqueurs redux 2020

Late 2019 saw the opportunity to design a bespoke bottle for Bristol Distilling gin liqueurs. With the new bottle came the chance to update the labels. The upgrade meant that the range kept its nose ahead of the rivals. The bold, graphic, no-nonsense visual approach is one that we have adopted from the start.