Bristol Distilling Co

Triple B case study

Bristol Distilling Co wanted a gritty, hard hitting vodka brand to add to their already successful range of spirits. Adopting an even bolder approach to this identity, we developed a typographic approach that does exactly what it says on the tin. The design has a letterpress feel – with rough edges and a ‘roller’ texture; an overall note of the hand-made! Topping things off with a fluorescent pink colour palette, Triple B really stands out amongst its rivals, with great uptake from bars and restaurants. The identity also lends itself perfectly to merchandise and social. No messing – it’s definitely vodka!

Triple B

Brand creation, website design update, social media assets, bottle label design, illustration, merchandise, and interior styling for Bristol Distilling Co’s vodka offering.

Black’s Double Barrel Whiskey case study

Bristol Distilling Co are making their very own rich and spicy whiskey. It’s maturing in a bunch of beautiful oak barrels, fresh from the US, at their distillery right now. Their range of gin and gin liqueurs, that we worked on, required a sharp, graphic approach, but their whiskey needed something more organic and earthy. The whiskey label still uses some crisp typography, but it employs a more sumptuous colour/foil pallet, combined with a subtle oak textured background. Alongside the label design, print and social media assets, we worked with good friend and life-long work associate David Abbott, to create a suite of illustrations to use across the brand and bring home the more hand-crafted aspect of the Bristol Distilling whiskey story. A dark cherry whiskey liqueur is also in initial design development – continuing the theme of deep, rich flavours matched up with a similar design tone.

Black’s Double Barrel Whiskey

Brand creation, website design update, social media assets, animation, all aspects of design for print, bottle label design, packaging, hand-drawn illustration, hand-drawn type, merchandise, signage, and interior styling for Bristol Distilling Co’s whiskey offering.

77 Gin Liqueurs case study

Bristol Distilling Co, having had success with Gin 77, developed a range of flavoured, lower ABV, gin liqueurs. We art-directed and designed a set of bottle labels and associated graphics, merchandise, advertising, social and web site updates. Interest from the big five grocers followed, with one listing.

2020 saw a liqueur redux (see below). The tone was to be more playful and Pop Art inspired with the labels incorporating bright, sharp and graphic fruit illustrations. The illustrations were used as stand-alone pieces for merchandise and social teasers. We also had the chance to create the ultimate mailer of bottles and flight case!

77 Gin Liqueurs

Having had success with their signature spirit, Gin 77, Bristol Distilling Co developed a range of flavoured gin liqueurs. We art-directed and designed a suite of bottle labels and associated graphics, merchandise, advertising, social media assets and a web site update.

Bristol Distilling Co. case study

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Gin 77 case study

Gin 77 is the flagship offering from Bristol Distilling Co. It forms the base for the suite of full-strength flavoured gins. We have been fully immersed in Bristol Distilling Co from the start, working on every aspect brand, tone of voice, social, web and print for the Gin 77 range. In 2021 we released the new bottle design and labels for the full-strength flavoured gins.

Why 77? Bristol Distilling was founded in early 2017 – but they were not the first Bristol Distilling Co. In 1863, Joseph C Board had incorporated the distilling operation on Cheese Lane in the centre of the city. That site was destroyed in the Blitz in 1940. So for 77 years Bristol was without a Bristol Distilling Company. Until now.

Gin 77

Covering the family of gin and gin liqueurs at Bristol Distilling Co, we worked on brand creation, label design, packaging design, new product development, website, social media assets, marketing collateral, merchandising and all aspects of print for this fast expanding, Bristol-based drinks company.

Bristol Distilling Co.

Bristol Distilling Company needed a brand to match their left-field approach to liquor production. We developed a full corporate identity followed by website design and build, social media assets, signage, all aspects of small and large-format print, plus a helping hand in art-direction for the interior of their distillery tap room.