What’s poppin’

The worry these days about the levels of sophisticated web scams getting ever more convincing seems to continue. I have an urge to present a collection of some of the finest in a book or poster form, typeset in gloriously ornate old fashioned script, on wonderful handmade paper, and to see if reading them in another ‘form’ would highlight just how incredible they sound. The best of the worst actually have an endearing quality, but we are all too ready to gloss over the sheer poetic flow and end up trashing them straight away. I know that we are all busy, but spare a thought for the author, and maybe read the occasional one – just to remind you of what complete madness looks like in an email.

This is the latest to land in my in box. Apparently I have been secretly filmed surfing grown up sites, and that if I don’t handover some Bitcoin(!?), I am going to be exposed to my entire contact list. More worrying than being revealed to my contacts is the fact that USD is out of favour and Bitcoin is the choice of currency. Isn’t Bitcoin for buying Lego and suchlike? Check it out in it’s full glory (and yes, it really did start with the words ‘Whats poppin’):

Whats poppin,

During all your life u was notified to surf web cautiously, but you didnt. Whats the metter?- You re guessing. The whole point is that I installed the virus on a website with videos for adults (Рorn web-page) (u know what Im talking about). Sacrifice Tapped on the video and device began operating as rdp supplied with keylogger. The rdp helped me to find this e-mail, I thought that you will 100% check the work email. So all cams and screen immediately started recording. After my virus collected all ur contacts from messengers, e-mails and social networks. So what do we have now? I made the split screen vid (1st part-screen rec.(you have a nice interests lol), second- cam record) and all ur contacts. Consequently in my opinion 320 usd is satis for this smallwee false. Here is My bitcoin wallet address – 1DGgLh6xeDmasCBHaLEQXwJ7C9g

(address should be without “space” or this “=” digit)

Ask internet how to buy it. It isnt very hard. Just write “how to buy btc” Ill wait one day upon opening this letter(I set a tracking pixel in it, Ill know when you open it). If I don’t recieve my bitcoins All your contacts will recieve video with you Upon I receive btc- the сompromising evidence will be destroyed.If u charge me to give proofs, reply + and Ill send this video to three contacts Ive collected from you.

Can go to police, but for a one day they can not cope, im from France, so you will be a star among friends.

R. Ealdick