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Black’s Double Barrel Whiskey

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Bristol Distilling Co are making their very own rich and spicy whiskey. It’s maturing in a bunch of beautiful oak barrels, fresh from the US, at the distillery right now. Their range of gin and gin liqueurs, that we worked on, required a sharp, graphic approach, but their whiskey needed something more organic and earthy. The whiskey label still uses some sharp typography, but it employs a more sumptuous colour/foil pallet, combined with a subtle oak textured background. Alongside the label design, print, social media assets and merchandise, we worked with long-term collaborator and good friend, David Abbott, to create a suite of illustrations to use across the brand and bring home the more hand-crafted aspect of the Bristol Distilling whiskey story. A dark cherry whiskey liqueur is also in initial design development – continuing the theme of deep, rich flavours matched up with a similar  design tone.